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Heliatar team of professional web designers and development offers quality services to its customers to improve their businesses online. We are a team that gives our customers the first priority by giving them full support on web services so that they can improve and boast the business industry in the world today. Some of the services that we offer are:


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the main concerns in the web technology, new methods and algorithms from the search engines give challenges to the site owners.
Our updated team is with you by providing the white hat SEO services to boost your website rank in the search engines.

What we do:

- White hat SEO techniques in your website code
- Link and article submission
- Sitemap
- Google Services (submission, webmasters, adwords, Google ranking …)
- Content correction
- Back link creation

What we don’t:

Black Hat Search Engine Optimization Techniques
The term black hat search engine optimization refers to those controversial SEO techniques that are used for acquiring higher Web page search engine ranking. It usually makes use of the most important aggressive techniques and also procedures whose main focus is on the search engines. The black hat SEO techniques are in most cases referred as unethical because usually they do not consider a website’s human audience. At times Black Hat SEO can be customarily said to be techniques that are used for the purposes of getting higher search rankings in unethical way. Some of the characteristics associated with the Black Hat SEO are:
1. The Black Hat SEO breaks the rules and regulations of the search engines
2. It presents the contents in unethical way that can be in a different visual or in a non-visual way in order to easily search engine spiders and also the users of search engines.
3. It creates a user experience that is poor directly due to the fact that the SEO techniques are to be utilized on the website.
There Are Several Techniques Of Black Hat Search Engine Optimization. The Main Techniques Include;
Meta Keyword Stuffing
This refers to the loading of those extensive keyword lists into alt tags, comment tags and Meta tags in texts that are invisible to the eyes of humans. There is repeated flooding of the keywords that are exactly the same in the webpage and whose main role is to trick the search algorithms.
Doorway or Gateway Pages
These are those pages that are usually indexed by the results of the search but when the users of this search enter a doorway page, they are redirected again to the webpage that is unrelated. These pages are therefore mainly designed for the purposes of search engines but not for end user. These pages in most cases cannot be seen by the end user since they are automatically redirected again to target user.
Link Building or Farming
Link building involves the process of posting a website URL to a site that has a link directory which has many links to other websites which have contents that are unrelated. This can be explained using the real world events for example when you build a house near to that of a bad neighborhood meaning automatically that you will be adversely affected by the surrounding. The same is true in the virtual world because the link farms usually have no other specific role apart from that of ensuring that the links of unrelated websites are properly listed. Therefore it is not allowed to participate in link farming as it may make your site to be completely banned from participating.
Hidden Text
Hidden content involves the way in which we insert long lists to the white text keywords that are made into a background that is white. The hidden text is the one that is on top of the list of black hat SEO techniques. These texts usually come in several guises although the basic principle in this case is that within the code of this site, there will be a content that will be staffed by the keywords. Therefore this content will not be visible by the user up to the end of the site.
Meta Keywords
Meta Keywords need to be a short list of the words whose main role is to inform of the main focus of the page. These keywords are said to have been misused in the past and so they are few. An example of a Meta tag that is used in the most recommended and appropriate manner.

Helofi Django & Python Product

Fast, Smart, User friendly

Helofi is our new brand web application developed by Django and Python.
Django = Developed by a fast-moving online-news operation, Django was designed to handle two challenges: the intensive deadlines of a newsroom and the stringent requirements of the experienced Web developers who wrote it. It lets you build high-performing, elegant Web applications quickly.
Python = Python is a programming language that lets you work more quickly and integrate your systems more effectively.

Helofi is new CMS that has been developed for the new web generation. Customization your database and uploading your template will be done by our team and you will only enjoy the easy data entry of your site.

Our current version has below features:

- Page Content Management with a very rich editor that supports all type of videos and tags
- Online Catalogue According to your products
- Hierarchy menu for adding unlimited category and sub category
- Fully SEO optimised
- SEO tag management
- Customised Search according to your need
- 15 years of guaranty that application code will be compatible with new version of Python
- Free and automatic updates
- Price will be included in your web design package

Helofi will be released in more version for the international shopping cart supports. Price of this CMS will be calculated in your web design package, you need our support beside the code as we want your website as unique as you. It’s recommended to get the hosting for the CMS from Heliastar as you will get the benefits of automatic updates and free yearly support. It’s a compatible CMS that let to develop it in other hosts that supports Python and Django and you will be charged for the installation and testing the performance of the CMS on other hosts.

Please check one of our latest projects developed by Helofi:
Final stop Auto Sale

© This CMS will be licence based and all the intellectual rights will be for Helofi and author of the CMS Mani Sarvari.

Creative Writing

Our team has professional writers who have high power of expression, empathy and critical reading. We are a team of trained and authorized writers, scholars and critics in both creative writing styles. Our articles writing services are done on all niches, writing for websites, Blog writing, Ghost writing, writing for websites, translation based on your demand and also we offer press releases services. Therefore if you need any of these services to be done to you urgently, you can contact us and get your creative writing done in a professional and friendly manner.
Our team of experts has worked for a long time doing creative services to its customers. These creative writings are commonly written with the purpose of expressing in detail the thoughts, feelings and emotions of the customers towards the entire business. We make your work of creative to look unique and perfect because the writing usually goes outside the bounds of normal professional, academic, journalistic or the technical forms of literature. Heliaster team is one of the highly rated and ranked creative writers who can make your business successful through the critical analysis that we do to determine and improve your business.

In this service we provide: Articles Writing on all niches, Blog Writing, Ghost Writing, Re-writing, Content writing for websites, Press Releases and Translation on your demand.

Advertising Campaign

Advertising campaign involves a series of advertisement messages that use a single idea and theme in order to build an integrated marketing communication service. Do you want to rapidly increase your selling services? Heliaster team of experts offers campaigning services in the most economical, fastest and most effective way. This is a promotional activity that we do when you want you brand, market and manage your content for your company or business. To effectively advertise your campaign hire our team of experts to critically plan for you, make an appropriate budget for you and also the idea unique in a single message.
In order to advertise your campaign, we first determine the campaigning theme to use in order to seta good tone for our customers business. Through this we will be able to make the central message of your business to be easily understood by the website users. We make communication easy by promoting your products world wide. Our team of experts is the best in doing advertising campaign in the world by making your business to achieve far more than the sporadic advertising which may last for weeks, months or years depending on the wishes of the customers. Get good services today by choosing Haliaster Company to advertise your campaign worldwide.

Web Programming

We do these programming services based on the customers’ preferences for satisfaction purposes. In most cases two groups of technology including ASP/PHP – MYSQL, MS SQL – Windows® – Linux® – Python and Django are the ones that are used regularly to in wed development. Our team therefore advices you to use open source solutions to effectively design your web. We survey current and planned languages and interface for developing World Wide Web applications so that we can be able to identify various languages to use so that we can program your web properly so suit the interests of our customers.

Graphic Design

Heliastar being a team of professionals and experts with many years of experience provides you with services of highest quality in web designing and graphic designing. Our team offers the best web designing services worldwide and therefore if you hire us your online business will be automatically improved. Web designing therefore entails different skills and disciplines that are useful in the production and maintenance of websites. These web designing services that we offer can be of various categories including, web graphic design, designing of the interface, authoring and the standardization of the web. We assure you of good work because of our awareness of the usability of the web and the accessibility guidelines that we provide to improve your business online. In the world today, web designing has now become the world’s most way of transacting of transacting businesses and therefore in plays an integral role in people’s everyday lives.
Graphic design on the other hand refers to the way professionals with design and graphic arts technology assembles together images and motion graphs in order to create a piece of design. Our team of experts therefore assists its customers to create graphics which are primarily used for publishing, printing, electronic media and for advertising services. Therefore our company has only one main objective of ensuring that the customers’ information is represented in a way that is both accessible and memorable. This makes the business to be popular and easily found by the customers. We know how to use all the types of graphic designing methods so that our customers are well served with the right type that they prefer.
Our team is also familiar with all the visual communication problems and we can be able to solve any problem arising fro the graphic design within a short time so that our customers continue enjoying our services day in day out and enjoy doing their business online. Graphic design also assists you to determine your logo, colour, font, appellation, brand management, package design, brochure and product design, photography and office letter head designs. Therefore choose the best and highly ranked graphic designing company and enjoy all these services in the most appropriate and efficient way. Improve your business now and become the most competitive business person online.

Web Hosting & Domain

We offer web hosting and domain services. Our team offers you two hosting; the Linux and the Windows. We also provide SSL layer that is secure for doing online transactions for your website. Hire us today and get full support and control management of your hosting. A webhosting service therefore is an internet hosting service that allows users to make their websites to be easily accessible in the world. Haliaster team helps you to get space on our server and be connected to the internet through the data center. Choose us today and get the best internet hosting services.
We can also register your domain easily. We have ability of ensuring that your domain address is registered in the most secured and efficient way in the website. Consult us for free and register your domain now. It is not easy to register your domain but our team of experts is the best domain registrars in the world that can assist you register it within a short time. Choosing a great domain should be your objective so that you can be able to make a good step towards building a successful and most popular internet presence in the world. Choose us today and get your domain registered easily and within a short time.

Listen, discuss, create. We make your website as unique as you.

Heliastar is a full-service design and development website dedicated to consistently providing high customer satisfaction by rendering excellent service, quality products, and furnishing an enjoyable atmosphere at an acceptable price/value relationship.

You can be assured that our friendly approach to web design and hosting does not mean that you have to compromise on price or quality.

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